Lone Star 912
Technical Data Archive

66-69 912
1966 Factory Service Manual download page
(Download Manual by sections or only the parts you need.)

Wiring Diagram
(0.9M GIF file, full color high resolution, 1 page)
Vintage Weber Conversion Article
(0.8M PDF File)
Vintage commentary on Nadella Axles
(1.6M download)
Period Solex Selection and Tuning
(This is a good basic explanation of Solex functionality and tuning from the early 60s, 5.7M download))
Vintage Sales Brochure
(1.3M PDF file, 2 pages)
Vintage Advertising
(53K PDF, 4 pictures, 1 page)
Early 901 Prototype Photo
(46K PDF, 1 picture, 1 page)

76 912E
Fuel Injection Overview
(0.3M PDF file, 28 pages)
Color Wiring Diagram
(3.7M PDF file)
912E Factory Service Manual
(5.8M PDF file, screen optimized with index hyperlinked, but still a work in process)
COOL 912 Air Conditioning Installation Instructions (vintage)
(0.6M PDF file, 5 pages, B&W)
R&T Vintage Test Report
(1.3M PDF file, 6 pages, Color)

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